The verdict

So, I was able to get my first present yesterday. And, of course, I ended up drawing the cd that Danny really wanted. Danny confessed that he left that slip of paper on the top—I knew that he would try to cheat! I am now the proud owner of this cd!

For those who aren’t aware, Sucre is comprised of Stacy Dupree-King from Eisley and her husband, Darren King, from Mutemath. I loved Eisley when I was in college, so I really, really like their sound. I haven’t given it a really good listen yet, but what I have heard, I really like. 

In other news, I am in an incredible reading rut. I haven’t read a single thing since school started. It feels weird. I am not in the right head space to read something intense and thought provoking, but I really want to be reading. Does anyone have any suggestions? 

And finally, I am in full-fledged fall mood. I want cider, sweatshirts, bonfires, and a big bowl of chili. Now that school has started, I am in the mood for things to cool down! If only the weather would comply!


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