Feeling Weird

I feel weird. 

I started up again with school meetings yesterday, and it has me feeling weird. 

I might also be feeling weird because I just finished this book. 

This book was really good, but also really weird. It was about a pair of performance artists who try to create chaos in regular life. It was really thought-provoking, thinking about regular events in life being classified as art. 

I don’t like chaos. I like things to be orderly and neat (even though I have a hard time putting away laundry). I think that’s why I have a hard time at school sometimes. I plan for things to be orderly, and usually, they are. Usually, things are fun and productive. But, still, you have the element of chaos—the feelings and unpredictable nature of the kids in class. I absolutely love my high schoolers, but sometimes, they don’t always act predictably. That can be hard sometimes. 

In other news, I finished my first embroidery project yesterday. I plan to share it once I get it framed!

Ok, I’m off to do some fun things—got to take advantage of my last nights of freedom!


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