The one with the ghost town

Yes, I am back home, but I still have a little bit of trip stuff to share. I am currently still stressed out from running from one side of O’Hare airport to the other, trying to catch a flight, but I will push through my stress to describe our adventure to a real ghost town!

We went to Garnet Ghost town, and it was really, really fun. It was at the top of a mountain, and you had to drive up a gravel mountain road, but it was totally worth it. This town was a mining town that collapsed after a big fire in the early 1900s. 

Here’s a view of the town. 

At its peak, it had 13 saloons, a school, a doctor’s office, a candy shop, and a big hotel. Now, due to the fire, there are only a handful of buildings left. 

My favorite building was the Grand Hotel. It was constructed using the best materials and finishings, so it is still pretty intact. 

Can you tell that it was really beautiful once?

Here’s a view of the kitchen.  

Danny really liked the coffee machine. 

Check out some of the rooms upstairs. These were guest rooms, and again, you can tell that the owners wanted the guests to stay in fine quarters. 

We also liked the general store. Danny played with some of the wares. 

And, I freaked out in the post office, telegraph office area. 

Can you tell where they sent things? 

Last shots! A storefront…

and some wallpaper.


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