Some Montana eats

Right now, as we speak, Danny and I are stuck in the airport. Our flight has been delayed due to a huge storm, so I thought I would do a little blogging. I am practically a professional—you should be proud of me. 

Danny and I ate some interesting things while in Montana. It was really fun to investigate some little cafes, coffee shops, and diners. Basically, we filmed our own episode of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. Check out some fun things we ate!

)Now that I see this picture here, I realize that it’s blurry. Please excuse my skills)

So, this was the cinnamon roll that was the size of a mountain. Don’t worry—we split it and left some behind!

Here is some state champion barbeque we ate! There was a festival in town, and there were so many championship food trucks to choose from! And, please note Danny’s drink. It is a huckleberry lemonade—how cool is that? 

And, here is Danny eating the best burger in all of Montana! It was crazy good!

I hope we fly soon—we are anxious to get home and unpack all of the treasures we found along the way today. 


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