Crafty gift

So, if you haven’t noticed, I am completely in love with Sookie, the dog. I saved her from the pound, so we have a tight bond. 

But, I am not the only one in my family who thinks Sookie is the bees knees. My mom pretends not to love her to pieces, but we all see her playing with Sookie when she thinks no one is looking. And, my brother loves Sookie—especially when she sings along with me. 

So, then, just to complete the obsession with the dog and fill my brother’s new place with some lovely art, I decided to make him a birthday present this year. 

I printed off one of the many pictures I have of Sookie, traced the outline, painted it all black, and…


Sookie art! 

I put it in a classy black frame, and it looks cool. 

You’re welcome for this easy and fun project. I understand if you immediately stop reading and run to make your own. 


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