A little while ago, A Beautiful Mess, my favorite blog, gave a tutorial about glass etching. It was cool, and it inspired me to do a little etching of my own. 

I had a few problems the first time I tried to etch. Here are my tips if you ever want to use this product.

1. Put a thick layer of cream on the thing you want to etch. If you just put a little cream on the object, it won’t really make a mark on the glass. 

2. Wear protective clothing. Apparently, if this cream gets on your skin, you immediately turn into a Batman villain and all of your skin burns off. 

3. Work outside or else the fumes will get a little intense. 

After you have done all of these things, you should have a pretty cool piece of glass! Look at what I made!

The mason jar is what I etched, obviously, and, to give it height and to make a cool candle holder, I glued a candlestick on the bottom. I think it looks pretty cool. 

Sookie could barely contain her excitement, as you can see. I think she doesn’t understand great art. 


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