The title refers to the fact that I am a snoop. No, I don’t hide in bushes, looking through windows, but I do love to look through facebook albums, trying to see how people decorate their spaces. I love looking to see what kind of art people put on their walls. I think that art reflects personality so much, and it really shows what is special to people. Very interesting. 

The other week, Danny and I hung a whole bunch of pictures on our wall. It was a really stressful process—I may have cried and left the room at least three times. But, the results were pretty cool. 

Neat, right? 

Even though I hung all of this stuff, I still look at etsy all the time, loving all the art that people create. Here are some of my favorites. And, yes, I do accept gifts, so if any of you want to purchase these prints for me, I won’t be offended 🙂

1. I love this painting by The Black Apple! Such great stuff on this site. 

Here’s a link if you want to go check out the store. 


2. I also love Nan Lawson. She is really cool. I already have her swell season print, and I like a bunch of others. 

She has a lot of good pop culture stuff. I really like the Great Gatsby pic, the Pie Baker, and Mary from Downton Abbey. 

( )

3. Joebot. Danny and I both love this print!

Ahh, Arrested Development. How funny. 

( )

I also love vintage pictures, sheet music, book pages, and all sorts of other interesting things. I love art!

What etsy stuff do you all love right now? What do you love to hang on the walls? 


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