The One with the Reds Game

As you guys know, I really like playing sports. Give me a soccer ball, a racquetball court, or a badminton game, and I am good to go. But, I bet you all didn’t know that I don’t really like watching sports. Soccer’s fine, basketball is ok, and tennis is fun, but while I was growing up, I hated watching baseball. Unfortunately for me, my family loves to go to baseball games. They think it’s so fun—so many of my childhood memories involve me trying to find some peace and quiet to read my Boxcar Children books while every one around me was yelling and cheering. 

True story—when the last Harry Potter book came out, we were scheduled to go to a Toronto Blue Jays game. Because I had to read the book the day it came out, I brought my book to the game. I was mocked by several workers at the ball park, but I held my head high. Sure, was it probably a little weird for the workers to see a junior in college bumping into Blue Jays fans while reading a young adult book? Of course, but they didn’t need to make fun of me. I have feelings, you know. 

Somewhere in my maturing after college, I have developed a fondness for baseball—specifically Reds baseball. I am actually an official Reds fan! So, last week, I went to a ball game, and while I did carry a book in my purse, I didn’t read it at all! That’t progress, my friends!

Look, I have my very own Reds shirt!

And, I have my very own favorite players!

That’s Joey Votto. He’s good looking. You can’t see his face here, but trust me. He’s very good looking. 

That’s Brandon Phillips. He’s a hoot. I don’t know him personally, but I hear he’s hilarious. 

And, that’s Chris Heisey. He’s fun, too. 

And, to top off the evening, the Reds won, and there were fireworks! What a day!

Could it be true? Do I love baseball?


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