I have reverted.

Danny is on the senior trip this week, and in his absence, I have reverted back to my high school self. This is compounded by the fact that I am staying with my parents so I am not stolen out of my bed at home. How have I gone back to my old self so easily? Let’s see how I have changed. 

1. I am totally sleeping with my childhood blankie. It is so nice and soft—it makes me feel as if I am sleeping with a cuddly cloud. 

2. I feel naughty and rebellious if I choose to go to bed after 10:00. 

3. I find myself falling to the floor often, just to get a closer look at Sookie. 

4. I keep racing up the stairs, hoping to make a faster time every time I go. I also make sure to skip steps, just to fill my life with whimsy. 

5. I am watching a large amount of Golden Girls re-runs. 

6. And, finally, I will only get out of bed if I know that I have cartoons and biscuits waiting. 


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