A bad picture

I took a bad picture, but I made a cool craft!

This, my friends, is an awesome key hanger that I made today! My brother just moved into a new apartment and needed a place to hang his keys, so I jumped to action. 

I found this piece of molding at a garage sale for 50 cents. Then, I spray painted it red (he is a Cincinnati Reds fan) and attached some cups hooks from which he can hang his keys! How cool is that?

This picture actually makes the key holder look pretty ridiculous, but I promise that it looks super cool. I just actually couldn’t find a camera in the house, so I had to take a shot with my computer. Such is life, I guess. 

On a separate note, I only have 6 days left of school. Can you even believe it? I am so excited—I can practically taste summer!

I am off to finish writing my final, then I still have a few more poetry analysis papers to grade. But, I can see the finish line!

I hope you like my craft! I’ll try to take a better picture some other time. 


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