The best day ever.

Yes, it’s true. I might have had the best day ever yesterday. It all started with a freshly made muffin at our local bakery. Then, I scavenged at a couple of garage sales and found some moulding, a cast iron sconce, and a vintage record player for $2. 

Then, adventures of all adventures, Danny and I headed to the car and went to the Springfield Antique festival. It was awesome! There were probably 2,000 vendors, and they were all selling amazing antique things. I saw a toothless old man selling the most terrifying puppet I have ever seen, and I saw tattooed hipsters mingling among senior citizens. How beautiful. 

Danny and I got to eat street fair food (he had a sausage dog, and I had a chicken burrito), and we bought crazy things to make our apartment feel more homey. And, really, because we saw so many beautiful things we wanted to bring home, we practically convinced ourselves to buy a house this week, just so we can do some more decorating. 

Look at what we found!

In the back, you can see our sconce and awesome record player. We also bought this crazy blue type writer for $12, that cool wire locker basket, a vintage  K flashcard, and that crazy big green K. Can you believe all this cool stuff? I am beyond happy. 

Then, we went to Cinci and ate good food and went in a cool shop. What a great day. 

Now, I can barely wait until school is out. I want to clean out the apartment, and I have at least 400 craft ideas floating around in my head. I can barely sleep—I am so excited for the next two weeks to fly by!


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