The one with Danny’s favorite ice cream

So, since I have known Danny, I have known that his favorite type of ice cream is Ben&Jerry’s Dave Matthew’s Magic Brownies. Although I knew that it was his favorite, I never saw him consume this ice cream. It is a limited release flavor, and although we check every single grocery store we ever encounter, we never find it. 

On our trip to Gatlinburg, however, we stumbled upon a Ben & Jerry’s store, and Danny found his most favorite treat. 

Danny then preceded to eat the entire pint, giggling and jumping about like a little boy. It was pretty magical. 

I feel like when I see Danny this way, I get to see what he was like as a little boy. And, hopefully, I see what our little babies will be like someday. 

I’m glad I finally saw Danny eat his favorite ice cream. Although, he told me later that it has fallen from is absolute favorite. It’s a secret, though, so don’t tell anyone. 


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