Inspired by childish things

I think because I am feeling stressed out, I have been reverting to my childhood ways. No, I am not wearing sunglasses without the lenses and telling everyone that they are my glasses, but I do seem to be inspired by some silly little things. 

1. At Target the other day, I saw this, and I swooned. 

Something about the print on this Harajuku Mini sweatshirt really appeals to my aesthetic. I like the whimsy, and I kind of feel like I want to make some cartoons that look like this. Cool. 

2. I really want a sock monkey. I have always wanted one, and it seems like now is the perfect time for me to own one. I mean, it would be weird if I were 25 and wanting a sock monkey, but since I am still 24, it’s ok. 

If I win my family’s March Madness bracket challenge, I get a pink sock monkey. I am currently in first place, so I hope I continue. I really want a sock monkey. 

3. Finally, I really love this set of books. I have loved them since childhood, and I still love the illustration style. It’s great. 

Thanks for indulging in my weird inspirations. I am really feeling like making cartoons, so I am inspired by the cartoony goodness of all of this stuff. 


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