Something’s Wrong

Something’s wrong here. It’s almost February, and this is what it looks like outside. 

That is a little too much brown and not enough snow, if you ask me. I have not had a snow day yet, and I am a little upset. I thought snow days were the things that got teachers through the year after Christmas. I am struggling—I need some sanity days. 

In other news, I have been ill. I’m pretty sure some kids blew their noses on their papers before turning them in—I blame them for my cold. Last week, my throat hurt so much! I was so uncomfortable. I am on the mend, but I am still resting a little today. 

So, I broke down recently, and I read “The Girl Who Played With Fire.” Then, I traveled way out of my way to make sure that I could have the third book in the series. Two summers ago, I read, “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,” and I didn’t want to read any more of the books, just because everyone told me that I should. I hate reading things that people think I should read, and I hate listening to music that people say I need to hear. I like to make my own entertainment decisions. But, I am really enjoying these books. I wouldn’t recommend them to my students, but I like them. 

Lastly, last week, I went to see, “The Artist.” So good. I loved every bit of it. If you haven’t seen it, you need to run out this week and watch it! It was so good. 

Ok, that’s all I have to say for now. I wish I had some interesting story to tell or some witty jokes, but I am fresh out. I think I lost all of my wit during my epic nose blowing sessions this week. We’ll see how I mend—-I’m thinking I might not be the same until I I have a snow day. 


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