Really thankful

I am not usually one for mushy blogs. I don’t like to talk about my husband all the time, and I never want to be one of those wives who loses herself completely in her husband’s identity. But, I think it would be false for me to ignore the fact that I am so incredibly thankful for my Dan. 

Since my surgery, he has just been so wonderful. He has carried my heavy school bags, washed my hair in the sink, helped me put on my socks, and made me sit on the couch when I would be more likely to do too much too soon. 

And, yesterday, he tried his best to pull my surgical stocking over my huge knee, even though his manly fingers have a hard time doing delicate work. 

If I didn’t have him in my life, I would be starving, sitting with greasy hair, and probably trying to do Zumba despite the stabbing knee pains. 

I am really thankful for him today. I think I am going to hobble over and give him a hug. 


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