It never fails

It never fails that I get sick over Christmas break. Last Wednesday, after enjoying a wonderful day at the art museum, I got wicked sick. I’ll spare the details, but lets just say that my 5 year, no-vomit streak ended with vigor. 

That was a pretty stinky way to spend the middle of my week. Thankfully, though, it was a 24 hour thing only, so I was almost perfect on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. 

I had a great Christmas, and I have had a good time relaxing and thinking. And, after days of thinking, I have decided on the elements needed for a perfect marriage. Let me share my wisdom. 

1. Every marriage needs a record player. That way, spouses can dance to Frank Sinatra records in the kitchen. 

2. Every marriage needs a big, huge blanket. So many fights can be avoided when both parties can have warm toes while watching T.V. on the couch. 

3. Every marriage needs at least one homemade present for Christmas.

4. Every marriage needs to have two bathrooms. Danny and I don’t have this currently, but I imagine that we would both be less grumpy if we could go to the bathroom whenever we wished. 

5. Every marriage needs more reading out loud. No one can be sad when hearing a beautiful story. 

6. Every marriage needs at least one square of dark chocolate a day. 

7. Every marriage needs mouthwash. Coffee breath does not help anyone feel loving or romantic. 

8. Every marriage needs at least one T.V. show to watch obsessively. It helps to make ordinary nights feel like date nights. 

9. Every marriage needs lots of sleep. 

10. Finally, every marriage needs one dreamer and one realist. But, each spouse needs to be willing to switch roles so that there is always a little dreaming in the relationship. 

You’re welcome. Please let me know how many marriages I save with this post. Then, please send money. 


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