Little joys

I made spaghetti squash this week—it was so delicious. 

And, Danny and I visited a really cool park earlier this week. We played frisbee and read to each other. It was magical. I may have pretended to dive for the frisbee and accidentally hurt myself, but that is another story. 

Most importantly, I have been watching Arrested Development again. I’ve forgotten how funny it is. I am so excited for the movie now! 

I am really stressed out at school, so these little joys are making me feel a lot better. 

I think, to reduce my stress level, I am going to find a job in which I can live like a hermit. I don’t want to talk to other people, prove myself to other people, or try to please other people. That is a big drag. 

Ok, I’m finished. I’m off to eat my crock-pot chicken chili! Woohoo!


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