Like a broken record

I feel like I am a broken record these days. I start off my day trying to find joy, but then, when I make it to the end of the school day, I am crabby, exhausted, and working on a big headache. So then, when it comes to writing about joy in my blog, I find myself not having anything to say. 

In other news, I find myself daydreaming about being a contestant on Dancing with the Stars every time I Zumba. I imagine dancing in a beautiful outift, and then, when I finally win, after winning over America with my wonderful dancing story, I win more than enough money to buy a house and pay for student loans. It’s quite the inspiring daydream. 

Really, though, when I am doing Zumba, I am sweaty, and I am probably not as graceful as I imagine. I bet I actually look like the little kids who run so hard in recess that they just end up falling down. 

If you encounter me Zumba-ing somewhere, please don’t tell me that I look like an elementary school kid. Please let me indulge in my dancing fantasy. 


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