What I Should Be Doing

I should be making a worksheet for my freshmen tomorrow. Danny is out of the apartment, and he instructed me to finish working on the laptop by 8:00 so he could begin making his lesson for tomorrow. 

Instead, I am singing my heart out to the Frou Frou album “Details” and secretly hating Danny because he is so much better at making worksheets than I am. He has a superhero ability to craft worksheets, and it is driving me crazy. 

I am just sitting here, trying to make text boxes and shapes look like a funky graphic organizer. Really, though, it looks like a craft project that a kindergartener would do in a three minute time span. I’m discouraged. 

That’s it. I’m quitting teaching. I just can’t master the art of worksheet making. 

I think I’ll become a dog walker instead. That’s probably better for leg toning anyway. 


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