Cross it off my bucket list

On Thursday, I did the impossible. I drove down the bike path—in a car, not a bike. What????

Before you alert the police and send the Mod Squad after me, know that I was in an official Parks and Recreation vehicle, and I was on official Parks business. And, I didn’t drive more than 20 miles an hour. But, still, it was pretty cool. Not everyone can say that they drove down the bike trail. 

I am so ready for this weekend. Danny and I are heading to the antique mall soon, and I couldn’t be more excited. I have some things to get for my new classroom, and I have some other apartment things to look for. After two years of indecision about making this apartment a home, I have decided to embrace the place and really make it look like a home. It is pretty exciting. 

Maybe, if I find something really cool, I’ll post some pictures of my finds. 

So, then, I’ll leave you all in suspense. Will she find something? Will she come home disappointed? 


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