Today was almost a fail. Danny told me a story about a little girl at his camp, and it almost ruined the day. Apparently, Danny was talking about me to the little kids at his camp, and one girl (whom I met earlier in the summer) said that she didn’t like me. When Danny questioned her, she said that she didn’t like me because I have red hair, and red hair looks like lava. And, volcanos are really scary. 

Once again, the red hair gets me in trouble. 

But, tonight, Danny bought me a chai and all was well with the world again. He just gets me. 

Before I go, I just need to get something off my chest. I hate the term “ginger.” I think it is always used in a negative way, and I don’t understand why people are hating on red-heads all of a sudden. It’s a bummer. 

Ok, now I am finished rambling. I think I am starting to have the sleep delirium. 


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