Life is…

watching your husband grade English papers while listening to Coldplay.

seeing a squished squirrel on the road in front of your apartment and crying because you hope that it isn’t the squirrel you like to call Reggie. 

reading cookbooks filled with gorgeous shiny pictures of foods you’ve never heard of. 

rolling over in bed in the morning—feeling like you are being rebellious if you let the snooze go for five more minutes. 

hearing a song on the radio that you haven’t heard since high school, and suddenly feeling free and weightless like you used to before you had responsibilities. 

the feeling right after you have rushed to your car when it’s raining outside. 

planning out lesson plans for a classroom you don’t have. 

reading travel memoirs and having a mental vacation that doesn’t require you to leave the couch. 

finding a television to watch and love with the one person you like to hang out with the most. 

hugging your husband when you realize that you haven’t really looked at him all day long. 

anxiously waiting for the waiting list at the library to go down so you can read the book you are dying to read. 

views like this. 


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