Guilty pleasures

I spend my days with high school students. It’s interesting, mostly Instead of falling into boredom as I watch students waste time in study hall, I choose to view my time as simple anthropological observation. It is really fascinating to see the way kids relate to each other. So many kids have an image that they need to protect—they would never admit to any behaviors that could be considered embarrassing. But, aren’t we all like that? I mean, I don’t show up to school with my old Justin Timberlake shirt on. Of course, all of this has made me think about how I portray myself in public. What things do I want to keep secret? What are my guilty pleasures? 

I have no shame, so here I go, sharing all of my secrets. 

1. I recently made a new i-tunes playlist that I have entitled the “Happy” mix. This mix contains songs from Usher, Ashanti, No Doubt, Missy Elliot, and Chris Brown. Does this mix make me look like a discerning music listener? No, but does it make me smile and want to break out into spontaneous dance moves? Yes indeed. 

2. I checked out a Hip Hop Abs video from the library. Before you judge me, know that Shaun T says stuff like “Yeah, girl, shake it out” or “Fling your hair back but please don’t fall.” I mean, how can you not love a video that promises to “give you balanced buns so you don’t walk crooked?”

3. I love to watch the Real Housewives of New York and New Jersey. I know—this show does not have redemptive value. However, I can’t get over how crazy the drama is—it is just so entertaining to watch!

4. I do like the Glee versions of some songs better than the original version. 

5. I know this is really weird, but it makes me feel really good to fall asleep while watching television. I think I feel like I am sticking it to the man when I am able to fall asleep while being assaulted with visual stimuli. 

6. I get a little bit of a high when I order things from the library. And, I practically leap for joy when I see that one of my books has actually come in!

7. I really like to watch exercise info-mercials. I love the body transformations, and I really like to imagine myself doing these exercise programs—all without moving from my couch!

8. I love to sneeze. 

9. I like to look at failblog. I always feel like a winner when I see how other people fail. 

10. I think there is nothing better than listening to Barry Manilow and driving with the windows down. Seriously, try taking a road trip without listening to Barry. 

I hope you all still want to be my friends even though I am secretly a big nerd. 


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