I’m talented, too!

Today, I attended a dress rehearsal for a high school talent show. Of course, instead of taking the time to focus on the talents of the high school students who were performing, I meditated solely on myself. I tend to get introspective when I am still for more than 30 seconds. 

Anyway, I am not participating  in this talent show—but I should be. I have lots and lots of talents. So, please, endure with me as I imagine the many routines I could do in any upcoming talent show. 

1. I am really good at keeping secrets. I think this would translate into a really interesting act. I could sit on stage and smile knowingly at audience members. It would be riveting. 

2. I know every single word to every single ‘NSYNC song. I could do a mesmerizing mash-up of each tune, all while wearing a Justin Timberlake curly wig. 

3. I am really good at picture books out loud. And, I ask really good comprehension questions while I read. So, not only would the audience members benefit by my deep knowledge of children’s literature, but also they would enhance reading comprehension skills. 

4. I am really good at telling the beginning parts of jokes and then laughing too hard to actually articulate the punch line. I don’t think I need to explain why that would be entertaining. 

5. Finally, I am really adept at catching frisbees. I cannot throw one straight to save my life, but I catch them as I have a special frisbee magnet in my palm. I envision having each audience member throw me a frisbee. Then, I imagine myself completing death defying leaps and breathtaking catches. 

P.S. Added bit of trivia—when I first started “hanging out” with Danny, he asked if I would want to play frisbee. I didn’t want to disappoint him so I said yes. We stationed ourselves in a grassy area of campus, Danny threw the frisbee, and I caught it effortlessly. Then, I threw the frisbee with all of my might. It sailed over Danny’s head and flew directly into the middle of the lake on campus. Danny didn’t want to play frisbee with me after that. 


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