An interview…

Danny. He’s my husband and my best friend. And, we all know that he’s from Michigan. But, is there more to this Tigers hatted man? Let’s explore.

Erin: What animal do you most closely resemble?

Danny: Well, I wish it were the Arctic Puffin, mostly because the Puffin is God’s gift to creation. I mean, have you ever seen an Arctic Puffin? They swim, they fly, and they look awesome—like a cartoon character, but real. However, I do not look like a cartoon character, so I would say either a bear or a tiger. 

Erin: Are you always so long-winded? 

Danny: No, only if I care about something. 

Erin: If you could only eat one dish for a month, what would you eat? 

Danny: Probably pizza because you can put all sorts of things on pizzas—fruit, veggies, meat…The fun doesn’t ever stop with a pizza. 

Erin: Do you ever get tired of being married to someone who is so good-looking? 

Danny. No. Every time I look around and see you, I am pleasantly surprised. And, I think to myself, “Shoot, dang, I’m with that lassie.”

Erin: If our married life were a television show, what would it be called? 

Danny: Hmm, good question. I guess I would call it, “Everybody Loves Erin.” Or maybe, I would call it, “How I Live With Erin” or “Modern Kloosterman Family.” 

Erin: If you had to choose, would you choose “Bones” or “Community?” 

Danny: Probably “Bones” since it contains more of a story. However, “Community” is such a comment on culture. So then, I will just answer yes. 

Erin: If you were a crayon, what would your color be called?

Danny: Probably something blue like Lake Michigan blue jeans dream.

Erin: Final question: What is the best thing about being married to a red-head? 

Danny: 3 things: First, I never have a hard time finding you in a crowd. Second, freckles. Third, your shade of red changes based on the weather. So, you tell me what is happening outside. 

So, there we have it. I hope you have a better understanding of life here at the Kloosterman house!


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