Much needed boost

Yesterday was a really boring day. Subbing for high school students is nothing like subbing for elementary school kids. With elementary school kids, I get to teach, and the kids treat me like I am their teacher. They listen to my directions, and we always have a really fun day together. 

But, with high schoolers, I just sit there and watch them have a study hall. Or I pass out a worksheet. And then, the kids just ignore me and do their own thing—they pretend like I didn’t give an assignment, and then just use me for permission to wander around the halls going to the “bathroom.” It’s not fun. 

However, last night was really fun. I went back to my old alma mater and heard the children’s book author/illustrator Will Hillenbrand speak. It was so good! I loved hearing new stories, and I liked seeing his process of illustrating. It was so neat!

And, I got a signed book from him, so that was awesome! Check out the cute cover of the book that I got!

I recommend this one to anyone who loves the story of Madeline!


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