Gratuitous Dog Shots.

This week has been a hard week. I am feeling really overwhelmed with details about life and jobs. It’s scary to be an adult. 

Since I find myself not sleeping when I am really stressed, this is what my eyes have looked like for most of the week. 

Don’t little Sookie’s eyes look so tired? She often reflects my moods since we are best of friends. 

Today, I am going to reflect her mood. When she gets a new rawhide bone, she freaks out and her tail wags continuously. She finds so much joy in such a simple thing. What a great role model!

So, what are some great things about this week? 

1. Adele’s new album. Seriously, run out to the store if you don’t already have it. You will dance, laugh, cry, and wet your pants due to the beauty of the music. 

2. I am in love with the show, Bones. So good—and it makes me feel like I am learning lots about anthropology. 

3. The public library. Where else can you check out whole seasons of shows or watch great movies, absolutely free? In addition to providing me with episodes of Bones, the library has given me a bunch of great new books, too! Thank you, library. 

4. Husbands. Well, specifically my husband. I can’t speak about all of the husbands in the world. This morning, I woke up to a bagel from Tim Hortons. If that doesn’t show love and support, I really don’t know what does. 


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