Meet my best friend…

Ok, so as you know, I don’t get to sub every day. Naturally, that sometimes leads me to fall into boredom. 

So, then, I have become strangely attached to this little guy. 

This is Reggie. He is the squirrel that lives in our tree, Lola. Yes, I do have a problem with naming things. 

Anyway, Reggie shows up once a day, and we look at each other for a little bit. When it was really cold and icy, he looked pretty miserable, so we fed him nuts. I think that made him feel like we were all one big happy family. 

Yesterday, he sunned himself for a while, then he noticed me staring, so he hid. We are really good friends, but he can be really shy about getting his picture taken. 

So, until Danny and I get a puppy, Reggie is the only pet I have. Please don’t be sad for me—he really is a good little guy!

Doesn’t he look really fetching in the afternoon sunlight? 


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