2 years ago today…

Danny and I got engaged. 

Sometimes, I think back about Danny and me and when we first started dating, and I really can’t believe that we have been married for over a year and a half. We’ve had an interesting relationship, and even though we have had hard times, I wouldn’t change us being together at all. 

Here are some of my favorite memories of us together:

1. One time, when we were eating in the cafeteria at school, we had a huge discussion about electronic books. I was adamant in thinking that electronic books are not beneficial for children, and Danny was just playing devil’s advocate, trying to make me angry. We were talking and discussing when we realized that we were both practically yelling. We looked around and, sure enough, people around us were staring. That was embarrassing. 

2. For our first Christmas together, Danny and I made presents for each other. He took a vintage globe and turned it into a piggy bank, and he wrote me a poem about how I should use the globe to save for my future world travels. It was so sweet and wonderful. 

3. When we got engaged, I walked in on Danny before he was ready for me to arrive. I could tell that he was flustered, so I talked about my classes at school and basically pretended that I didn’t know that we were about to be engaged. I made Danny really nervous with all of my talking, so then he asked me if I was ready to start with the engagement. 

4. Sometimes now, we dance in the kitchen to the radio. I think we might be the only couple in our early 20’s who dances to the jazz on NPR in the evening. 

5. The first time Danny told me that he loved me, we were in the kitchen in front of the dryer. We were having a fight about something, and Danny looked really distracted and pained. I kept asking him what was wrong, and finally he burst out and said, “I just love you, ok?” Believe it or not, that was the best way he could have told me!

Aren’t we adorable? 


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