I would rather be grumpy

Today was a tiring day. Don’t get me wrong—I love little kids, and I really like subbing. But, the kids are getting antsy, and it is too cold to go outside. They haven’t been able to run around or play on the playground. It’s starting to effect them. 

Some good quotes:

“Mrs. K, my cat is getting his balls cut off.”

Little Girl: “Mrs. K, I have a boyfriend.” Me: “What’s his name?” Little Girl: “He didn’t really tell me his name, but he is really my boyfriend.”

After we ate suckers—Little boy: “Mrs. K, my dad said that I have to brush my teeth after eating candy.”  Me: “Ok, did you bring a toothbrush?” Little Boy: “No, I left it at home. I’d better go home then.”

This all was hilarious obviously. But, I was tired at the end of the day, and then I got an e-mail about grad school that just frustrated me. I guess I read the starting day wrong, so instead of starting school in a month, I might have to wait until September. That really made me grumpy. But, I refuse to stay grumpy. Here are some reasons to be thankful!

1. This is a regular occurrence in my house.

2. I made some new art to hang on the walls. 

(And, my blanket is really warm and wonderful.)

3. It’s almost time for Adele’s new album to come out. 

4. Because I was a good wife and attended a high school basketball game with Danny, he now owes me a chai!


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