I read things.

Today, while on a date to Books & Company, I read this graphic novel. 

(image from Amazon)

In it, the main character finds a bookmobile that holds all of the books and written text that she has read throughout her lifetime. Every time she visits the bookmobile, there are new shelves containing all of the new books she has consumed. 

It got me to thinking—what would my bookmobile look like? How many books have I read throughout my lifetime? And, how many have I forgotten about reading? It’s weird—I have spent so much of my life reading, but what good will this all be when I make it to the end of my life? Is reading good only for the temporary joy that it brings? Am I the genius that I am today simply because I have spent the majority of my life reading something or another? Who knows? I guess I will just continue to read, building up the books in my imaginary bookmobile. 


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