Kitty in the hallway

So, just a few minutes ago, when we finally made it back to the apartment, there was a kitty in the hallway. He is a very beautiful kitty, but Danny and I decided that we can’t keep him. And, I think he belongs to one of the neighbors, so it would probably bum them out if we stole their cat. But, that didn’t stop me from naming him Watson. 

Yesterday was another fun day subbing. When the kids came into the classroom, they started asking about Danny. Seriously, he was their sub over a year ago—they still remember him? Can’t I ever get out from beneath his shadow? But, anyway, the kids were talking about him, and one kid said, “Wait, you know him? I just thought you had the same last name! That is so cool that you know him!”

Then, later I was in my dad’s office, (yes, my dad is the principal of my building), and a girl looked in. She stared at both of us, and then she said, “Are you guys boyfriend and girlfriend?” That was probably the most awkward thing that has ever happened to me. Not only is he thirty years older than me, but also he looks strikingly like me. Little kids are pretty weird. 

FInally, all day long I had to hear Justin Beiber songs, and I heard at least three kids call him Justin Beaver—they weren’t being silly—they really thought that was his name. I couldn’t help but laugh at that one 🙂


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