When it’s snowing…

I start to feel like a little girl. I think there is just something about snow that is so magical. It always takes me back to my childhood, and it makes me feel hopeful. I love how things that are ordinary, like trees or bushes in the backyard, immediately look more mystical and enchanting when covered with a dusting of snow. Today, the snow is making me feel really Christmas-y. I think my joyful thoughts of today will focus on Christmas traditions. 

1. Every year, my family crowds in front of the Christmas tree and tries to take a picture. My dad usually tries to hold out the camera and take a good shot of us all, but usually someone’s head gets chopped off. Sometimes we are successful, though, and really it ends up being the best picture of the year. 

This next one is a personal favorite—it was two Christmases ago:

2. I love it that Danny always grows a Christmas beard. I think he looks so mountain man-ish with his beard, and I really enjoy it. It is definitely the best part about Christmas. 

3. I love that on Christmas morning Sookie gets to wear her Christmas coat and be a part of our Christmas celebration.

4. Finally, I love that on Christmas, I get to have my picture taken in my pajamas. I think pajamas are really fun—the more ridiculous they are, the better they are. 


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