I have to be honest

I am having a really hard time finding joy in life these past couple of days. Student loans stink. Really, they do. I feel as if education should be something that makes life better, not haunts you for 20 years or until you can pay for it. If student loans were a person, I would kick it in the wiener. That is how much I despise them. 

So, yeah, there’s been some student loan drama going on in my house the last few days. Therefore, what I write about today has to be extra special and wonderful. Should it be television? No, too ordinary. Another picture of Sookie? No, too overdone. I don’t even think the thought of the newest Harry Potter movie can save me today!

I guess I will just have to go big. This past summer, I discovered the best restaurant in all of Arkansas. It is called Hammontrees in Fayetteville. Really, this restaurant is nuts—it is basically completely devoted to grilled cheese. What could be better than that? The sandwiches are great, and the restaurant atmosphere is really cool. 

That is all I have today. I will just meditate on grilled cheese, and, hopefully, the day will get better!

Check out their menu! You won’t be sorry—except yes you will because this will ruin all other food for you!



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