I hate doing book reviews

Book reviews always seem so fake to me. I think it is really hard to write convincingly, hoping to get other people to read a book. It seems like I always use words like awesome or cool when describing books, and that is really dumb. Did I really go to school for four years and graduate with an English major when the only adjectives I know are cool and awesome? My education may have all been for naught. 

However, lately, I have been craving a book that I read last year around Thanksgiving. I don’t often crave re-reading books. There are a few that are on my best-loved list, and those ones will never get old, no matter how often I read them. However, usually, I read books once and then move on. For the past little bit, I have been wanting to re-read When Wanderers Cease to Roam: A Travelers Journal of Staying Put by Vivian Swift. It is a really interesting memoir about a woman who spent the first part of her adult life living in tons of different countries and then decided to take up a permanent address in the Long Island Sound. She writes about the best parts of each season, and basically, she tells all of the things that make her joyful and grateful for life. Even simple walks are beautiful in her book. She talks about knowing every tree and bush on her route, and she talks about cinnamon toast in a way that makes me want to eat loaves of it. In addition, she paints all of these cool pictures throughout, and they are really fun to look at. The book is just beautiful. 

There are few books that make me feel really satisfied and dreamy when I read them. You know, the kind of books that transport you somewhere and make you feel like you are living the life of the character. This book definitely does it for me. It makes me want to appreciate little beauties in every day life. 

I really want to read this book again! Maybe I should add it to my Christmas list!

Anyway, you all should definitely find a copy. It is so good!

(source: amazon.com)

Here is a little glimpse of the inside illustrations

(source for both pictures: http://vivianswift.net/works.htm)


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