Today was a scary day

There were severe storms and scary weather things all morning/afternoon. I still get freaked out by thunderstorms even though I am a grown married lady. 

Speaking of being married—today is the day that I will talk about my wonderful boo, Danny. Today marks our third anniversary (from when we started dating, not from when we got married), so I thought it would be perfect to post some of my favorite pictures of us and tell a little of our story. 

So, Danny and met when I was a freshman in college and he was a sophomore. We met in the library, nerd-ily enough. The first time we met, he jumped on a table in the staff lounge and gave a motivational speech to those of us who were working with him. I think I thought that he was a little scary, and I think I was afraid to make eye contact with him. So, when I think about the first time I met him, I can’t remember his face because I didn’t look higher than his chin. 

We didn’t really become friends until the second semester of my sophomore year. Then, we dated for a while, but we mostly hung out as friends. Finally, 10 months after our first date, we became a couple. And, it has been bliss since then. Ok, not really. But, it has been an adventure!

He’s my best friend, and I am really happy to be with him. Here are some of my favorite pics of us. 

This is the first time we hung out outside of class. We dressed up as vintage golfers and golfed around campus. I am obviously the hottie in pink, and he is the hottie in the beard. 

This is us at Halloween in ‘07.

Here we are being in love.

This picture is self-explanatory.

Here we are being married. 

I am thankful for my Michigander today. 


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